Cremation Services

The Meeks Crematory is Delaware County's only crematory. This provides each family we serve the secure care of their loved one in our own facility. Transportation to a crematory in another city or county will never be required for our families.

People choose cremation for many reasons. It has been a common ritual in many cultures for centuries. Some choose cremation because they view it as a more natural process than burial. Some choose it for environmental reasons. Other people are not sure what they want, but are interested in learning more about cremation.

Cremation is simply a method of preparing a body for final disposition. It is a process during which human remains are reduced to their original elements. The body must be enclosed in some type of container. When delivered to the crematory, typically a casket or cremation container. Following the process, the remains are place in a second container for final disposition, usually an urn.

With cremation, your options are numerous. One of the advantages of cremation is that it provides you with increased flexibility when you make your funeral and cemetery arrangements. Cremation today is far different from cremation of past years, and rates are on the rise in the U. S. It is just one step in the commemorative process – the preparation of the human remains for memorialization. Some options for cremation include:

  • Funeral service prior to cremation with traditional burial
  • Funeral or memorial service prior to cremation with interment in a mausoleum, columbarium, or crypt
  • Memorial service with viewing and cremation to follow
  • Memorial service with cremated remain present
  • Funeral or memorial service with scattering
  • Immediate cremation
  • Immediate cremation with scattering ceremony


Scattering is a very popular means of final disposition for cremated remains. This may be legally done in most states, but in Indiana there are specific rules and regulations. Please contact us for additional information.

Economic Factors

Like more and more people today, you may be considering cremation as an economical alternative to ground burial. The basic charge for just cremation is somewhat less than traditional burial. However, with so many items of service available to the family both in the funeral service before and in the mode of final disposition, it's not possible to make an accurate comparison. The family has the option to select as much or as little as they choose, and with cremation they have many options.

Planning for cremation doesn't have to be a mystery!

You can make an informed decisions that will have positive benefits for you and your family. By choosing cremation, you are choosing a dignified method of arrangement that is affordable and allows you great flexibility in your choices of merchandise and services. Contact us today to learn more.

Custom Cremation Service Packages

Available when cremation container and services are purchased from The Meeks Mortuary.

Basic Cremation Package

This custom arrangement provides removal of deceased and transportation to the Meeks Mortuary, sanitary procedures, permitting positive identification of the deceased, basic services of staff and facilities, necessary authorizations and permits. Cremation is included.

Cremation with Memorial Service Package

A Memorial Service is like a regular funeral service, only without the body present. It can be held at a place of worship, the Meeks Mortuary chapel, or any other appropriate location. Regardless of the site, the funeral director will assist in the planning and organization of the service.

Cremation Funeral Package with Rental Casket Package

This cremation funeral arrangement provides transfer of deceased to the Meeks Mortuary, embalming, care and custody of deceased, use of facilities for visitation and ceremony. Attention to all details, including obituary notices, staff supervision and direction of visitation and the ceremony, handling of floral tributes, and the use of a solid wood casket. Fee of cremation is included.

There are several other cremation package options available. Contact the Meeks Mortuary for further inquiries.